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The POEM GUY - "Poems While You Wait" The art of POEMING (Poetry Busking!)

Last week, during one of my many excursions into NYC for creative inspiration and bohemian peace, I briefly ran across this fellow, Bill Keys - a poet and performance artist - who really sparked my interest.

I was standing in Washington Square Park, watching performance artists, mesmerized by a tight little Jazz quartet featuring a trumpeter who had the talent of playing two trumpets simultaneously and remarkably, harmonizing with each other.  Wonderful.  I turned around, walked a few feet or so towards the "bowl", and there was this pony-tailed fellow on a folding chair and a folding table with a turn of the century typewriter and a sign that read "POEMS about anyone or anything".

Remarkable.  A "Poetry Busker".  This caught my interest and fed my own dreams of "leaving it all behind" and "hopping freightcars from LA to San Fransiskee..." well, you get the point.  Brilliant.

Bill calls his craft "Poeming".  I'm going back today to visit him for a few minutes this afternoon - he'll be on the HiLine at 19th from 2:00 - 6:00 pm.  I'll write more when I return to my desk.

Here's a link to his site (I recommend this):  www.poemswhileyouwait.com

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