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POEM For You -- "Bodhi" by Thomas Herr

I love poetry busking.  "What is that?" you say.  Basically, I sit with a manual typewriter, words in my head, and a willingness to write a poem - at your request.  This particular poem was requested by a woman who had recently lost a dog - "Ruby" in December, and had just adopted a blue-nosed pit bull puppy, who she named Bodhi.

And so we talked about it for a few minutes.  The exchange was nice, spiritual.  And here's what came up!  She was overjoyed...

She got the original signed version; I took a photo and will keep it in my collection of busked poems - to eventually publish.

I'll be set up in Washington Square Park and the High Line or Tompkins Square Park during May 29-31, come by for a poem!  Exact dates will be on the blog...


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