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POEM -- Untitled 6 -- Help me name this poem!

Untitled 6

by Thomas Herr

December, 2009

Like a sweet droplet
Of vital morning dew in the desert
Crystal clear and pure
She is suspended before me like a jewel.

The secret of love lies within her
She is the sun
Warm strong life for me
There, near the center of the winter web at dawn.

Or, like a dew-diamond
She is a glimmer of hope
For a lonely miner
Chipping and toiling for love or life at the entrance to the cave.

And there she is
Suspended in a perfect frame
From the depths
She reflects eons of perfect light to entice me

Like the lucky pebbles and stones
I collect in my pocket
I leave a hole in my heart
It’s a place where I can tuck away her love.


  1. hello new friend, this was beautiful, nice to meet a fellow poet, I look forward to having a good friendship, excellent imagery in this piece, please pop over and read my latest, childs child, comments welcome, the title I would give this classic is....

    "Blooming love"

    take care

  2. "Love's light"

    Beautiful poem. Look forward to more...

    With gratitude,

  3. The Light Of My Love.

  4. "Dew" I like to keep it simple... Sometimes.