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POEM -- "(Unborn) Baby" by Thomas Herr

(Unborn) Baby 

by Thomas Herr
June, 1997

Unborn baby of mine,
What happened to you…where have you gone?
Oh God, I was so into myself when you died.
So selfish,
I didn’t really feel your mommy’s pain
Or try to catch her tears of anguish.

Today, filled with true love and
Filled with pride,
I see my living son, living daughter growing;
Multiplying, even as I speak.
But how I remember you now –
In the water; I couldn’t look.
Nonexistent…so it seemed.

Lately though, I feel you around me
As though you’re reaching from your plane
Reaching for love
Are you in the spirit world?
Are you lonely?

So I write you this poem
To bridge our planes…to turn back time;
To hand you a piece of my spirit.
Normally, I’d say
“I’ll never speak for your mother” but,
In this case, well…

…We both love you very much…

I wish I had more to go on,
Something I’ve seen or heard
(Something concrete);
But then again, I’m glad I don’t.
So I pray for you, and I pray for me.
Unborn baby of mine.

Perhaps time stands still for you;
Perhaps there is no time.
In that case, don’t worry my child,
You won’t be alone for long.
In the blink of an eye…we’ll be there.

Wait in heaven, my baby,
Unborn baby of mine.


  1. ethereal sorrowness and mourning
    and despite it all T it is so beautiful.. in a different way..

  2. Thank you very much. It's difficult for me right now because the poems I'm posting now are unpublished and unedited - they are all raw...but I appreciate the sentiments...

  3. So heartfelt, I cried my eyes out. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful . . .