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POEM -- I Remember Mommy

I Remember Mommy 1/7/07

A night out at the Ridgefield Playhouse
A big treat for Tommy
A big treat for Mommy

Siblings at home…
That’s the way I remember it
So for all intents and purposes this was my night with Mommy.

I remember that.

A Beautiful lady floated down from the above
Under an umbrella
Mary Poppins was like Jesus,
But of course I didn’t know THAT at the time.

Aunt Jean was there too
So that made it special
Mommy laughed with her – and I liked that

She made mommy laugh

And I don’t remember the popcorn or the soda
I remember something about some kids throwing food
From the balcony
I remember Mary Poppins

She was so nice to the children
I remember that.

I loved her and something about the story
Made me cry but I don’t remember why.
But I cried.
I remember that.

I was so infatuated with Mary Poppins
She was gentle and lovely and comforting
I remember telling mommy that she was just like her.
I remember that.

And mommy laughed.

I remember that.

It was a happy time.

Mommy doesn’t laugh anymore.

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