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December 1, 2011 -- Jackson Brown and his song of protest in support of Occupy Wall Street
Well, this is impressive.  Brings back the protests of the sixties and early seventies which I was frankly too young to appreciate, but watched intensely with wonder (and confusion).  Although OWS is confusing itself, if you stick to the fundamental protest - STOP CORPORATE CORRUPTION and GREED - you will be on the "righteous" track.  A good tune, a decent if slightly unfocused cause - I simply had to include this bit of eclectic video here on the blog.  Enjoy!


 November 17, 2011 -- Brian Eno and Rick Holland/Poetry and Music together
This track was featured in our @eNothing tweet broadcast yesterday and got such rave reviews by our 3700+ followers that I've decided to post this haunting innovative combination of Eno's ambient musical mastery with the concise, deep and moving words of Rick Holland, a british poet.  I've been experimenting in this medium for years (10 years ago I was experimenting with Acid (loops) and my own poetry)...perhaps I should "dig it up" and feature it someday.

This work is inspiring though, a beautiful piece -- I'll have to get the record and review it soon!  Maybe I should bring out the guitar and some acid software and mix the music with words again.

 Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland - panic of looking by Warp Records

November 5, 2011 -- The Beatles, 1968 Interview with John Lennon and Paul McCartney
This rare and wonderful Interview comes to us courtesy of YouTube, and I have to say, seems to capture John and Paul just before their relationship began to turn.  Interesting clip, recorded at the St. Regis Hotel in NYC on May 13, 1968 - Apple had just been created so as it's discussed you can see Paul's naiveness w/r/t being a "businessman"...   With regards to their relationship you get a sense from their interaction that the "teamwork" that they had together was still in tact.  But at the same time, John Lennon's caustic wit and cynicism was beginning to grab hold and it wasn't long thereafter in which the famous separation began.

Interesting note -- in a brief discussion about Kennedy's assassination and the (week earlier) assassination of Martin Luther King, John discusses how even as a sequestered Beatle the horror of ANY assassination is still felt quite strongly.  Little did he know that would be his own fate 12 years later.  Enjoy this influential video.

Willie Nelson, Poem for Occupy Wall Street movement.

Willie Nelson and his wife have lent moral support to the Occupy Wall Street movment...with a simple poem (perhaps more a lyric than a poem, we shall see).  Interesting to see his take on taxes, but fair share is a very good point...one of the 99.

Jack Kerouac - Steve Allen Show, 1965

There are plenty of references to Jack Kerouac in the eNothing blog, including some relatively rare works and interesting commentary referencing the influence of Kerouac.  There's even the #Jackaday twitter experiment (which is still ongoing) in which we've tweeted highlights of his famous "On the Road" novel -- right from the original scroll.

I thought it would be nice to introduce you to the great man with thanks to the power of youtube.  Here is a brief vignette which will give you a feel for the guy.  He IS truly "way out".  Enjoy.

Radiohead - King of Limbs "LOTUS FLOWER"

Radiohead is about to release their new CD, "King of Limbs" on March 29.  Since its been a few years since we've had any new material from Radiohead, this release is highly anticipated.  eNOTHING has a preview copy of the CD, and we can assure you, the CD will not disappoint.  In fact, we're posting a review of the CD in a short while (prior to release).

In the meantime, please enjoy one of the feature compositions on the CD, "Lotus Flower" -  a piece that experiments with the usual sound bites and intriguing loops and snippets, plus a rare experiment with strings.  So, I suggest you put the headphones on here and listen:


Junior Wells

Virtuoso Harpist Junior Wells is a blues legend.  From his early Chicago recording days to his memorable musical teaming with the legendary guitarist Buddy Guy, Junior was a badass with class.  As a poet, lyricist and musician myself, Juniors sweet wailing voice, bandleading ability, dominance as a blues frontman, and peerless blues harp playing gives me inspiration and heals my soul -- he needs to be seen as well as heard.

Hence, here is an early video of Junior singing his blues classic "Hoodoo Man Blues" for your enjoyment.  Enjoy his presence!

Lonna Marie

We Love Lonna Marie's brand of Indie/Folk Rock -- and she's appearing regularly in metro NYC. Follow Lonna Marie on Twitter at @Lonnamarie for more info and keep an eye on @eNothing on Twitter for updates (as always). Here's Lonna Marie performing an original: