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POEM - "HAIKU 3" by Thomas Herr

Haiku 3

By Thomas Herr

The promise of touch and kiss

And the prospect of healing us through fingertips

Means the answer is yes.

POEM For You -- "Bodhi" by Thomas Herr

I love poetry busking.  "What is that?" you say.  Basically, I sit with a manual typewriter, words in my head, and a willingness to write a poem - at your request.  This particular poem was requested by a woman who had recently lost a dog - "Ruby" in December, and had just adopted a blue-nosed pit bull puppy, who she named Bodhi.

And so we talked about it for a few minutes.  The exchange was nice, spiritual.  And here's what came up!  She was overjoyed...

She got the original signed version; I took a photo and will keep it in my collection of busked poems - to eventually publish.

I'll be set up in Washington Square Park and the High Line or Tompkins Square Park during May 29-31, come by for a poem!  Exact dates will be on the blog...


The POEM GUY - "Poems While You Wait" The art of POEMING (Poetry Busking!)

Last week, during one of my many excursions into NYC for creative inspiration and bohemian peace, I briefly ran across this fellow, Bill Keys - a poet and performance artist - who really sparked my interest.

I was standing in Washington Square Park, watching performance artists, mesmerized by a tight little Jazz quartet featuring a trumpeter who had the talent of playing two trumpets simultaneously and remarkably, harmonizing with each other.  Wonderful.  I turned around, walked a few feet or so towards the "bowl", and there was this pony-tailed fellow on a folding chair and a folding table with a turn of the century typewriter and a sign that read "POEMS about anyone or anything".

Remarkable.  A "Poetry Busker".  This caught my interest and fed my own dreams of "leaving it all behind" and "hopping freightcars from LA to San Fransiskee..." well, you get the point.  Brilliant.

Bill calls his craft "Poeming".  I'm going back today to visit him for a few minutes this afternoon - he'll be on the HiLine at 19th from 2:00 - 6:00 pm.  I'll write more when I return to my desk.

Here's a link to his site (I recommend this):

Readers Poetry Excellence Series - "Tommy" by Sheree K. Surdam

I ran across a beautiful and spiritual woman recently, local to the New Milford area - a woman who has dedicated her life to helping others through the spiritual healing wonders of nature.  Learning more about her, I discovered that she loves writing, keeps a wonderful blog of journal entries on Tumblr - and has experimented with poetry.  

In the end, Sheree K. Surdam shared this poem with me, and I have to admit, she has a talent for using poetry as a creative outlet for her inner thoughts (and she also has a talent for prose to broadcast her remarkable thoughts).  Here is her beautiful poem, "Tommy".  Enjoy!

In her own words:

"This poem is about Tommy, a man who I believed - for a while anyway - was the love of my life; the final stop on the road of searching, hoping for a true love to last a lifetime. Tommy relapsed on drugs and alcohol after almost 2 decades of sobriety, and was found dead in his home. We were no longer a couple when this happened; I was unable and unwilling to deal with his decent back into addiction. When I learned of his death, I called a friend for comfort. This poem emerged as a result of not just the death of my love, but also that unfortunate phone call."


by Sheree K. Surdam

I called her and told her…
He died yesterday
in his house
Half in, half out
of the bathroom
Like trying to decide
on the perfect spot for life
to end
And I wonder which half
was in
which half out?
But I loved him once
And believed
he was the one
The only one really
And here’s the thing
that she said
to my sadness
Said to my tears
that I won’t forget
Not ever forget…
“It’s not like you were
still with him”…
Because you see
It’s not like I ever was…..


eNOTHING Audio Series -- Maya Angelou reads her own "Still I Rise"

We've featured several of Dr. Maya Angelou's inspirational poems in our "Poem of the Day" and "Top 100 or so..." blog posts, with fabulous results.  Angelou's poetry and her legacy has served to raise the awareness of poetry in the 20th century - in fact she is perhaps the most popular poet in recent history.

Her themes are largely based on pride, feminism, and a very positive and inspirational approach to celebrate one's unique self.

Although she is lauded for her poems about race and women, she has served as a powerful role model to all -- don't accept inequality, maintain your pride, and confront your enemies and your battles -- with a smile.

Enjoy her wonderful reading: