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POEM OF THE DAY - "A Confession" by Czeslaw Milosz

A Confession (1985)

by Czeslaw Milosz

My Lord, I loved strawberry jam
And the dark sweetness of a woman’s body.
Also well-chilled vodka, herring in olive oil,
Scents, of cinnamon, of cloves.
So what kind of prophet am I? Why should the spirit
Have visited such a man? Many others
Were justly called, and trustworthy.
Who would have trusted me? For they saw
How I empty glasses, throw myself on food,
And glance greedily at the waitress’s neck.
Flawed and aware of it. Desiring greatness,
Able to recognise greatness wherever it is,
And yet not quite, only in part, clairvoyant,
I knew what was left for smaller men like me:
A feast of brief hopes, a rally of the proud,
A tournament of hunchbacks, literature.



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  2. Haha! I too am guilty of such moralistic ailments :D

    Great blog BTW - I PodCast avant-garde audio from mine as well. Would be interested in collaborating in the not-too-distant future!

  3. Sounds like fun...got any ideas? Watch for some surprises this week...Thom Herr