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Readers Poetry Excellence Series - "Tommy" by Sheree K. Surdam

I ran across a beautiful and spiritual woman recently, local to the New Milford area - a woman who has dedicated her life to helping others through the spiritual healing wonders of nature.  Learning more about her, I discovered that she loves writing, keeps a wonderful blog of journal entries on Tumblr - and has experimented with poetry.  

In the end, Sheree K. Surdam shared this poem with me, and I have to admit, she has a talent for using poetry as a creative outlet for her inner thoughts (and she also has a talent for prose to broadcast her remarkable thoughts).  Here is her beautiful poem, "Tommy".  Enjoy!

In her own words:

"This poem is about Tommy, a man who I believed - for a while anyway - was the love of my life; the final stop on the road of searching, hoping for a true love to last a lifetime. Tommy relapsed on drugs and alcohol after almost 2 decades of sobriety, and was found dead in his home. We were no longer a couple when this happened; I was unable and unwilling to deal with his decent back into addiction. When I learned of his death, I called a friend for comfort. This poem emerged as a result of not just the death of my love, but also that unfortunate phone call."


by Sheree K. Surdam

I called her and told her…
He died yesterday
in his house
Half in, half out
of the bathroom
Like trying to decide
on the perfect spot for life
to end
And I wonder which half
was in
which half out?
But I loved him once
And believed
he was the one
The only one really
And here’s the thing
that she said
to my sadness
Said to my tears
that I won’t forget
Not ever forget…
“It’s not like you were
still with him”…
Because you see
It’s not like I ever was…..


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