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POEM OF THE DAY, "Mama" by Charles Bukowski

We love the brutal truth of Charles Bukowski as evidenced by the fact that a number of his poems have made our Twitter "Poem of the Day" broadcasts. A couple, including "Fire Station" and "Bluebird" have made our Top 100 or so...list. Admittedly, this brutal view of life through goggles of cynicism and alcohol and sexual pursuits (for me) can wear thin after about 4 poems.

Then it's time to put the book down and watch a baby or something pure.

But this poem, "Mama" seems to be the only one I could find in which he isn't influenced by sex or alcohol or seediness.

Of course, he wrote it shortly after his death, so that would make sense.


by Charles Bukowski

here I am
in the ground
my mouth
I can't even say
the dogs run by and stop and piss
on my stone; I get it all
except the sun
and my suit is looking
and yesterday
the last of my left
arm gone
very little left, all harp-like
without music.

at least a drunk
in bed with a cigarette
might cause 5 fire
engines and
33 men.

I can't

but p.s. -- Hector Richmond in the next
tomb thinks only of Mozart and candy
he is
very bad


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  1. B. always has a method of making poetry like a knife.