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eNothing Audio Series -- "Chorus 113 - Mexico City Blues" by Jack Kerouac -- Read by Johnny Depp

This is the first of our Audio Poetry Series posts, in which we'll try to open up the Poetry experience to you by posting readings (usually by the great poets themselves) to allow you to experience the poetry in a more dynamic way.

Some of Kerouac's poetry will definitely be featured here, as well as Ginsberg, Cummings, Neruda, William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens, Sylvia Plath and the like.  Very interesting stuff, allowing you to feel the rhythm and meter of the poetry as it was imagined or interpreted by the authors themselves.

In this case we offer one of Kerouacs more famous choruses from his famous collection "Mexico City Blues".  But rather than offer up a reading by Kerouac himself, I chose this interesting, artistic impression by none other than Johnny Depp, the epitome of cool today -- a real throwback to the Beat/Hippie poetry movement and a scholar of great literature and art.  This is a side of Johnny Depp that not everyone is aware of, but in many ways Depp's interest and involvement in the arts is what separates him from the rest.

Listen and watch -- Depp really catches the feeling and despair of Kerouac quite nicely and the music provides a spiritual backdrop which adds to the drama of this exquisite piece!

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