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eNothing Audio Series -- "Bluebird" by Charles Bukowski -- Read by Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski has about 5 poems represented in the eNothing archive of articles.  "So you want to be a writer", "Fire Station", "To The Whore Who Stole my Poems", are featured here, as well as one of his more famous works, "Bluebird" -- which was originally featured on "POEM OF THE DAY" series and also the "TOP 100 or so POEMS of ALL TIME" series of posts and tweets from the eNOTHING blog.

Our Audio series selects a number of great poems and allows you to listen to them as poetry readings.  Preferably, and in most cases the reading will be performed by the author -- in some cases they will be performed by a professional or amateur.

In any case, the idea is to lift that burden of interpretation occasionally.  Just sit back and listen.

On this poem, you can almost feel the cold toughness of Bukowski -- you can enter his world of "Whiskey, Whores and Cigarette smoke" and actually hear it in his unapologetic voice.  But you also get a teeny hint (and almost subliminal shot) of his heart, his broken heart, his childhood and his sensitivity, through the begrudging existence of the Bluebird there within it.


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