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POEM OF THE DAY -- "Five Haiku" by Surrealist Paul Eluard

With this selection for POEM OF THE DAY, we move away from our recent pre-occupation with the poets of the Beat-era (namely Ginsberg, Kerouac, Ferlinghetti) and back to another favorite movement - Surrealism. 

So for the remainder of the week, you can look forward to some poetry and artwork from the likes of Breton, Dali and others to tickle your imagination.

For now, we will start with a little selection of Surrealistic Haikus, each one a bizarre little tidbit of "oh yeah, I get it" delight, in a departure from our norm.

Enjoy the surrealistic master poet himself, Mr. Paul Eluard:

Five Haiku

by Paul Eluard

The wind
Rolls a cigarette of air

The mute girl talks:
It is art's imperfection.
This impenetrable speech.

The motor car is truly launched:
Four martyrs' heads
Roll under the wheels.

Ah! a thousand flames, a fire,
The light, a shadow!
The sun is following me.

A feather gives to a hat
A touch of lightness:
The chimney smokes.


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