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Animated Tribute to John Lennon

As most of you know, I'm a serious Beatles and John Lennon fan.  It's a long story, but although my creative focus has drifted towards poetry and writing (poetry writing - hah) over the years, underneath it all was (and is) a very deep fascination and influence by the creative freedoms (artistic, musical, poetical and social) inspired by the Beatles and their remarkable leader, John Lennon.

As I was scanning my Twitter universe this morning for interesting bits and inspirations, I stumbled upon the video below which was linked to www.imaginepeace.com and twit broadcast by @yokoono (we follow each other, you'll see that I find many of her tweets RT worthy).

Please, watch this beautiful animated tribute to the great musician, artist, poet of our times - John Lennon:


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  1. This is such a great tribute!
    I wrote a small haiku for his memory on my blog this week.

    Just saw the movie Nowhere Boy--interesting to see a film about John Lennon's early years.