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POEM OF THE DAY "Fie My Fum" by Jack Kerouac - Pull My Daisy Series I

"Fie My Fum" is the original version of an interesting three-poem series begun by Kerouac in 1950 and finished by 1961.  This original version was a shared idea or brainstorm effort by Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, together -- in 1950 - and was originally written as a "Song".

This poem is part of the collection "Scattered Poems" - the book is offered below.  This is an original City Lights (Ferlinghetti) Pocket Poets series publication - it is authentic and true to Kerouac and the Beat movement, and so I highly recommend it!

A playful little piece, humorous and light -- sprinkled with a bit of the innocence of youth -- and an essence of marijuana.  The title doesn't appear in the poem, but is reminiscent of "Fie fi fo fum" from the classic "Jack in the Beanstalk".

This impression changes slightly as evidenced by subsequent re-writing and renaming of the poem in future years as the Beatific or Beat movement progresses and Kerouac moves into his 30's. The final version is titled Pull My Daisy and was written in 1961.

Enjoy this progression, stay tuned for the others!

Fie My Fum

By Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg

Pull my daisy, 
Tip my cup,
Cut my thoughts
For coconuts,

Start my arden
Gate my shades,
Silk my garden
Rose my days,

Say my oops,
Ope my shell,
Roll my bones, 
Ring my bell,

Pope my parts,
Pop my pot,
Poke my pap,
Pit my plum. 


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