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POEM -- "Black Sheep" by Thomas Herr

Black Sheep

2003 by Thomas Herr

Black Sheep congregate today in quiet flocks
Where it was once forbidden
Like statues of spirit
They stand there.

And the rain keeps falling down.

The occasional loner
Sticks out like a sore thumb
Apart from the flock
He just stands there…

And the rain keeps falling down.

Footpaths on the ledge
Backyards with private gardens
Moss tunnels are cool and the grasses are green…
While joy and sorrow cling to yesterdays stones.

Why are Dogs so mean?
Why is he alone?


  1. I don't remember clearly, except that I was in England and was driving east on the A40 I think, after experiencing a racist event earlier which saddened me. So I pulled over...

  2. Btilliant. So poignant. .