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"Two Chairs" a poem by Thomas Herr

This is a poem about simplicity.  Simple is beautiful, but stark when void of spirit and love.

This was inspired by a photo sent to me by an angel (my good friend in France), Teklal Nequib, editor of L'Art En Loire and her excellent Poetry Blog Teklal Nequib Art and Poetry.

Two Chairs

By Thomas Herr

Two Chairs
Placed in a no-where (by whom)
Slotted wooden folding emptiness
Grey no-where.

Perhaps we shall
Sit in them together
Spirits holding hands in

Two Chairs
Side by side in the meadow
Filled with our spring-love
Alive? Someday.

Two Spirits
Two Chairs
Two O'clock
And the Sun is shining on us now.

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