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eNOTHING Audio Series -- Dylan Thomas Reading "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"/And an Anthony Hopkins rendition


Listen to BOTH readings below -- one by Dylan Thomas and the other a classic beautiful rendition by actor Anthony Hopkins.

Dylan Thomas is a poetic legend, and several of his classic poems have made either our "Poem of the Day" or "Top 100 or So..." series of articles and tweet broadcasts.  Some of his classic works include "And Death Shall Have No Dominion", "Under Milk Wood", and "Fern Hill" as well has his well known ode to his fathers passing "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night", which is featured here.

One of the goals of our "Audio Series" of articles is to bring you a dose of "reality" with regards to the classic poetry of modern times -- allowing you to listen to the living voice of each of these important literary icons.  On that basis alone Dylan Thomas needs to be represented.  Dylan Thomas legendary wild nights of alcoholism in and around London and New York's Greenwich Village (the Chelsea Hotel of course) and his theatrical and speaking career and reading tours stand for themselves, and so here is the best recording I could find of his classic poem.

You will notice some interesting comments by readers below the YouTube video.  Although I am a staunch defender of poetry, I tend to agree with his opinion about pompousness.  Interesting and important note, here:

One of the reasons for the existence of these pages, is our goal to help bring poetry and poets into the streets, easy for people to understand and easy to grasp why there is/was a pop culture surrounding poetry.  We want to erase or reduce the stigma of "pompousness" and grandiose language and ego which follows poetry in the eyes of the masses...and it's true, that some poets (Dylan Thomas, here) when they read their poems, read for the READING and not to convey the original intent and emotion.

So following the Thomas reading, I've included an absolutely wonderful reading of the same poem by none other than Anthony Hopkins...which probably captures the moments of emotion as Thomas sat down to write the poem, in tears.

Enjoy both!

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