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POEM OF THE DAY -- "3rd Chorus" by Jack Kerouac

And so, we continue with our intermittent study of Jack Kerouacs writings today with a piece from his classic "Mexico City Blues" collection of poems -- "3rd Chorus". Simple American life, safe American life -- EVEN 50 YEARS AGO Kerouac felt the peril of the neverending ballooning government of our nation.

Do the math, people. What's it now? Where are we headed? 5 years from now, who can afford a new pair of shoes?

The investment bankers, the brokers, the insurance companies.

That's who.

Who says Kerouac isn't relevant today? Enjoy.

3rd Chorus (from Mexico City Blues)

By Jack Kerouac

Describe fires in riverbottom
sand, and the cooking;
the cooking of hot dogs
spitted in whittle sticks
over flames of woodfire
with grease dropping in smoke
to brown and blacken
the salty hotdogs,
and the wine,
and the work on the railroad.

$275,000,000,000.00 in debt
says the Government
Two hundred and seventy five billion
dollars in debt
Like Unending
And Unnumbered Sentient Beings
Who will be admitted --
Not-Numerable --
To the new Pair of Shoes
Of White Guru Fleece
O j o!
The Purple Paradise

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