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Thomas Herr Poem -- "Pebbles and Stones"

 This is a love poem written a long time ago.

Pebbles and Stones

I look through the windshield
And an image of you
Stands between me and the road ahead

Songs on the radio; 
must have been written for you
So I sing them
And you smile

I notice people
From far away
And wonder if they're you.

I can't hear my words.
Or see the faces
That I'm talking to
My thoughts drift back to you.

I look down
To the ground
Pebbles and Stones scattered there
spell your name.

Like tea leaves in a cup

Reaching for a Pebble
I pick one up
And drop it in my pocket
So I can have a piece of you with me at all times.

Wherever I am
Whatever I do
I am always
Thinking of you
With a pebble in my pocket.


  1. Beautiful poem! :)
    Keep writing

  2. "Pebbles and Stones scattered there
    spell your name."

    A beautiful image ....... : )

  3. I am so touched by this poem