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POEM -- "Mother Prepared" by Thomas Herr

I wrote this poem for my mother several years ago - on a day the doctors said she had no chance to live and he encouraged us to pull the plug on her.  But she still exists - having faced more than 15 years of inner isolation from traumatic brain injury.

In any event, she's still here and so is the poem.

Please pray for my mother (and my father), if you pray.

Mother Prepared

by Thomas Herr
I have prayed for you mother

Still a prisoner
?for crimes we have committed?
Weight great weight
We try to lift off
Mother of this spirit
Are you standing at the infinite white door

Are you perched on a branch
?will you finally fly away?
Freedom sweet freedom
Is today the day?
Mother of life my life
Will you hold my hand again

I perch
You perch where what
He is perched to follow

We Justify
your Anguish Now repelled
and you are here to let us speak
and pray
and though they say you cannot hear
You will
hopefully hear/feel this love

Slowly rising
Slowly falling
Clicking, hissing
You have suffered enough

Jesus AND strings have kept you
And we ponder the truth
But you will know
Of our love
and the Love of Faith

But we cry.

We pray.

1 comment:

  1. All - as it turns out, my mother did not pass. Miraculously, she made it through and lives to this day, in a silent world breathing through a tube and eating through a tube.

    I love her, and visit her bedside 3 times a week to tell her that.

    Why does it have to be this way.