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Piggies Play Kid Grafitti with Pepper Spray at UC Davis - OWS nightmare

The events of recent weeks have become very ugly and in many cases reprehensible - and the result is that the establishment (I guess I would have to say the 1% and about 5% of their employees, I call them piggies) has resorted, in many cases to violence in dealing with the protesters.

The latest is the incident at UC Davis this week, as described above. Here is the CNN account (in quotes) with some of my own commentary (not in quotes):

"The campus protests were affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

One of the protesters hit by the spray told CNN's Lemon that she was still feeling some after-effects Saturday evening.

"I was shocked," said Sophia Kamran. "When students are sitting on the ground and no way of moving to be violent, being totally peaceful, I don't understand the use of pepper spray against them."

A campus police officer, in a sweeping motion, sprayed protesters point blank on Friday before other officers moved in."

Watch this video and be prepared for my (prosecutable?) commentary:

I love the filtered CNN version of this "A campus police officer, in a sweeping motion, sprayed protesters point blank..." -- How about this (by Thomas Herr):

"a fat, ignorant piggie dramatically waived a high pressure bottle of yellow pepper spray to the world, then dramatically and casually rotated his pot belly, man-breasts and jowls around to face the peaceful kids (your kids) and sprayed them in the faces from a distance of inches - being sure not to miss a single one. Sort of like a game of yellow kid-graffiti for piggies.

More, the official statement (hilarious) My comments are in red:

"UC Davis spokeswoman Claudia Morain told CNN that 25 tents were in place Friday afternoon -- despite fliers explaining the campus prohibits overnight camping. It does so for security and health reasons, Katehi said.

After written and verbal warnings, officers reminded the protesters they would be subject to arrest if they did not move their tents from the quad, Morain said. Many protesters did decide to remove their tents and equipment, officials said.

A group of about a dozen protesters sat on a path with their arms interlocked as police moved in to remove additional tents. Most of the protesters had their heads down oh I see, so it was not really possible, in fact, unlikely - to hit them in the face (soft tissue) with the yellow pepper spray.

At one point, protesters encircled the officers and blocked them from leaving, Morain said. Looking at the actual video, this is not evident. In fact even if it was, looking at the video, all the chubby piggie officers had to do was step over them and if need be, arrest them.

Cut off from backup (dramatic - you've got to be kidding me), the officers determined the situation was not safe LOL, just look at the video and asked people several times to make room, Morain said. One officer used pepper spray when a couple of protesters and some of the 200 bystanders moved in again, the actual video footage of the scene does not support this in any way -- moving in? MOVING IN? look at the video, she added."

Anyway, I'm appalled, and though I do not always agree with the different facets and sometimes disjointed goals of the OWS movement, I am against corporate corruption, corporate greed and piggies -- and the fact is that this incident and many others in recent weeks are proving that this nation, in fact -- the world -- is ready for some sort of social revolutionary change.

Finally, there is a song which has been misconstrued as a "fun, cute little pig song" - but it was NOT. It is an appropriate song for the situation: Piggies, by George Harrison of the Beatles - ref. "starched white shirts" "out to dinner with their piggie wives" "eating their bacon".

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