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POEM OF THE DAY -- "Sitting Under Tree Number Two" By Jack Kerouac

It's always been our goal to bring you odd stuff by great writers; to be a little different, with no particular theme, no rules, no contraints -- nothing to hold us back.  Here's one.

The great Jack Kerouac has gone down as one of the most inflential writers of the 20th century; and he was certainly the stylist of an initial packet of influence which ultimately culminated in the various art/music/culture/style/political movements we can only call "the 60's" now.  This poem is an example of the free thinking freewheeling train of thought approach that Kerouac had to life.

Simply sitting under a tree who-knows-where, he records what he saw, in 1959.  Hope you enjoy!

Sitting Under Tree Number Two

By Jack Kerouac

But the undrawables,
  the single musical harp
rainbow's blue green
shimmer of cobweb -- 
the line of thread swimming
in the wind; blue &
silver at intervals that
appear & disappear -- 
7 songs along the rim
tying to the plant
as birds twurdle over
those massy fort trees
populous with song
--  imaginary blossoms in my
eye moving across the 
page with definite oily
rainbow water holes &
rims of beaten gold,
  with toads of old
Golden fast and back
in the hay now fromming
its feelers thru the 
thicket of time then
darting across mud looking 
for more trees -- 
A little ant bit my ass
& I said Eeesh with
my wad of gum -- I
itch and pain all over
with hate of time &
tedium  Save me!
  Kill me!


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