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POEM OF THE DAY -- "night train to horta" by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso -- Poet?  That's right.  One of the founders and undeniable leaders of the famous and influential surrealist movement -- as an artist and a sculptor -- was also an accomplished and respected surrealist poet.

The surrealist movement was led by Picasso and poets Andre Breton and Paul Eluard - and formed a tight circle of nuclear genius in Paris in the early half of the twentieth century.  Picasso led the surrealistic movement as aruguably the most famous artist of the twentieth century, perhaps of all time.

What few know is that in 1935, at age 54, an emotional crisis caused Picasso to halt all painting and devote himself entirely to poetry.  AndrĂ© Breton praised his writings as ‘an intimate journal, both of the feelings and the senses, such as has never been kept before.’

Here for your reading pleasure is one of my favorite Picasso poems, "Night Train to Horta":

night train to horta
by Pablo Picasso

she wants head
male bonding
siamese twins
tango 69
i travel by images
corporal landscapes
the mouth is the tunnel
quick, now
the tongue the train
windows on the world
same refrain
we will meet
we will meet
somewhere again
end of the line
the power of torso
speed of the memento
lost and then
the blood engine
steaming its blush
on the cheek of night


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