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POEM OF THE DAY "Valley Candle" by Wallace Stevens

I love the poetry of Wallace Stevens.  Classic American poetry so obtuse, so strange -- I find it difficult to find the meaning - yet as a poet, after reading him, I tend to understand each poem on some sort of sub-atomic or spiritual level.

He was an enigma.  He cannot be labeled.  He was a lawyer, and worked for an insurance company, owned a big house in Connecticut.  He wore a suit and splashed on aftershave before he shuffled off to work each day - to live a life of policy and memo.

Although he advanced through business, he continued to write and publish books of poetry and essays.  Bizarre.  For example, as a Vice President of Hartford Insurance, he wrote "The Rabbit as King of Ghosts" while walking to work.

Enjoy "Valley Candle" as it is presented below.  Perhaps we don't know what it means -- even so, understand it.

That's the way it works.  The beauty of Wallace Stevens.

Valley Candle  
by Wallace Stevens
My candle burned alone in an immense valley.
Beams of the huge night converged upon it,
Until the wind blew.
The beams of the huge night
Converged upon its image,
Until the wind blew.

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