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POEM OF THE DAY -- "Full Moons Eve" by Paul McCartney

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am a Beatlemaniac.  For me Beatles music transcends time and stands for the pinnacle of creative inspiration, genius, and luck -- which I can faithfully return to time after time after time - and actually never listen to the same song twice in the same way.
Much has been made, written and observed about the personalities of the individual Beatles -- and as a result, many opinions have been formed.  As time passes, each Beatle has developed his own legacy - Ringo might be considered the laughable lovable clod, George is perceived as the spiritual, sensitive one, John the remarkable musical, poetic, social, and artistic genius -- and then there's Paul.

Many consider Paul -- with his handsome face -- to be the shallow one.  Musically (as a bass, guitar, keyboard player) he was probably the most talented of the Beatles.  Paul was extremely intellectual, though -- probably the most intellectual Beatle; his image was perhaps tarnished by the fact that he is perceived to be less spiritual.  A lot of this perception was in fact controlled by Paul - his inner workings, feelings etc. are his alone and rarely shared.

The following poem shows a rare glimpse of the real Paul -- looking back wistfully, but revealing a bit of a broken heart.  Enjoy this side of Paul, respect it; he doesn't show it often.

Full Moon's Eve

By Paul McCartney

On a full moon's eve
A tiger sprang
And gnawed on
Who I used to be
A pale haze lights
The fox's eye
And ...
Checking once
He leaves by a hole in the hedge
Old loves return
To kiss the lips
In case the empty gallery
Should fill with whispering strangers
Like a flood


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