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POEM "On the Birth of Two Babies" by Thomas Herr

I wrote this poem shortly after my divorce - it is a poem written to the mother of my two beautiful children. It's just a poem of thanks.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  Although we both parent on a daily basis, we still get together every holiday, and the whole extended family remains intact. I'm thankful for that.

Enjoy.  And Happy Thanksgiving!

On the Birth of Two Babies

By Thomas Herr

(Orig. 7/3/99 -- Edited 11/24/10)

I just want to say “Thank you…”
For giving me a son and daughter;
Welding us together
With an 18 year “guarantee”.

Thank you for containing
The silent explosion within you
For igniting
The fission of our essence
Silently, in your womb.

For you made one
Then two,
Out of something long forgotten.

For in them is my art
And in them is my poem.

And they make my mark upon the world.

And thank you for crying
With me

And thank you for smiling
With me

Tears of joy.


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  1. This is beautiful. I hope you have a wondrous holiday with all the blessings of the season. Do stay in your children's lives. Apparently it isn't that easy. My father left when I was seven and was never again in my life and his mother had been my first and greatest joy. Having children is such a responsibility. Their time with you is short...absorb as much as you can.
    Blessings, Gay @beachanny