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POEM OF THE DAY -- "POEM" by Jack Kerouac

"POEM" is an unnamed poem, written in 1959 by Kerouac.  It appears in his anthology "Scattered Poems", published in 1970 by City Lights.
This poem touches on some of Kerouac's thoughts about Jazz, Poetry (Jazz and Poetry), and his thoughts about the ongoing evolution of his "New American Poetry".  In other words - CREATE.  Pay no attention to rules or snobbery.  Write, write, write.

In short, it seems Kerouac has written a poem for poets.  Enjoy!


By Jack Kerouac

Jazz killed itself
But dont let poetry kill itself

Dont be afraid
  of the cold night air

Dont listen to institutions
when you return manuscripts to

dont bow & scuffle
           for Edith Wharton pioneers
or ursula major nebraska prose
   just hand in your own backyard
      & laugh play pretty
           cake trombone
& if somebody  give you beads
   juju, jew, or otherwise,

sleep with em around your neck

Your dreams'll maybe better

     There's no rain
           there's no me, 
     I'm tellin ya man 
           sure as shit.


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