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POEM OF THE DAY -- "Girl In A Miniskirt Reading The Bible Outside My Window" by Charles Bukowski

Take A Bukowski Break.
Take a break from the proper, genteel French Surrealists, a break from the educated and gentrified Poet Lauriates, a break from the rules and regulations of our despised and despicable poetry professor, a break from the pretty but faux sunny flowers of the poet-mom hiding her breaking heart -- as it happens behind the vastness of the perfect meadow she creates with words (and her smiling avatar real estate photo), a break from the stale British poets nose-up and lips pursed...I think it's time for some good old LA gutter dirt, with no walls or filters - real life, as it were.
Guys, pretend you're Charles (just don't get caught) looking out your window.  Girls, put yourself in the girls shoes - don't you feel pretty?  Now, change places!  In any event, we're in the gutter for a while.  Enjoy it while it lasts.
If you don't own any Bukowski books, or you want to add to your collection, see the link below - a great book of selected poems by Charles Bukowski.

Girl In A Miniskirt Reading The Bible Outside My Window  
by Charles Bukowski
Sunday, I am eating a
grapefruit, church is over at the Russian
Orthadox to the

she is dark
of Eastern descent,
large brown eyes look up from the Bible
then down. a small red and black
Bible, and as she reads
her legs keep moving, moving,
she is doing a slow rythmic dance
reading the Bible. . .

long gold earrings;
2 gold bracelets on each arm,
and it's a mini-suit, I suppose,
the cloth hugs her body,
the lightest of tans is that cloth,
she twists this way and that,
long yellow legs warm in the sun. . .

there is no escaping her being
there is no desire to. . .

my radio is playing symphonic music
that she cannot hear
but her movements coincide exactly
to the rythms of the
symphony. . .

she is dark, she is dark
she is reading about God.
I am God. 


  1. This is my favorite by him. Reading him inspired this poem http://www.theronkennedy.com/2010/10/being-bukowski.html

  2. wwoooo awesome. Pure poetry, Thanks for the link

  3. This poem was influenced by him I fear: http://wp.me/pTeVg-dl