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Essay: Three Itemized Thoughts about the Immortal Soul -- by Thomas Herr.

I spend (not squander or waste) more and more of my time thinking about my soul, my spirit, now and in the future.  It's significance now remains unquestioned to me -- but what about the future, the next life (if any)?  These thoughts, musings, wonderings and worries about soul and immortality inevitably find themselves permeating into my recent works and poems.

So here's a short essay on the subject.

I've been going through a lot of my older notebooks and journals of handwritten slobbery lately, and I stumbled upon this passage this morning.  This interesting single page piece has lied in darkness since August 2, 2007.  Looking at it, I find it funny how I automatically itemize and list things -- whatever!  at least its still here!

I actually find the premises presented here comforting (I think).  These thoughts do not box out, nor box you in, to the idea of God.  It is merely an observation which  (I hope but honestly don't remember) came from my soul.

Whether you agree or disagree doesn't matter, but long after the fact, I love the radio metaphor.

Eternity and Immortality

1. Whereas the body is a compound thing which eventually falls apart, and disintegrates, the Soul is simple and is imperishable – Plato.

2. The Bible Old Testament does not mention an afterlife, the punishments and rewards take place in this life, not the next one.

3. We know that the mind depends on the physical brain, but that doesn’t mean that our brain processes actually produce our mental life, as opposed to merely transmitting it. Our brains allow our minds to filter through to this world from some transcendent “mother sea” of consciousness. Use the radio as a metaphor; when a radio is damaged the music becomes distorted. When it is smashed the music stops all together. All the while, however, the signal (our souls) are out there, uncorrupted.


  1. All the while, however, the signal (our souls) are out there, uncorrupted.

    That's deep... never thought of it that way...

  2. Funny...apparently I have, but I FORGOT...glad I stumbled upon this...moral of the story: ALWAYS CHECK YOUR JOURNALS>>>!