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Top 100 or so Poems -- POEM OF THE DAY - Recap - "Pull My Daisy" Series of Poems - Jack Kerouac

December 11, 2011

These 3 poems are basically a collaborative work led by Jack Kerouac over a 10 year time warp spanning the creative spawning (spanning the spawning, get it) of the Beat movement and the radical, irreverent angle adopted for nearly every aspect of life - the Beat movement which is at least equal in importance to any other movement to lend creedence and direction to the rise of the "60's".

Although these works don't show up in any conformal anthologies as "great work" of the 20th century, they do represent an important movment and serve to illustrate in a remarkably clear way the progression of the movement and the irreverent innocence of the artists of their time, and clearly shows the creativeness of the development of "Pull My Daisy" which was published finally in or around 1958 for the first time. So here is a recap of our POEM OF THE DAY series featuring Fie My Fum, Pull My Daisy, and PULL MY DAISY.

The important rule is to free yourself from rules, which they did very well.

Have fun!:

Our last 3 posts on POEM OF THE DAY have been a
progressive series of Jack Kerouac gems which we've named the "Daisy" series for the purposes of consolidation and critical consideration.

This has been one of our most successful and popular POEM OF THE DAY series, and one of our followers reccommended that (with our analysis of each poem notwithstanding) -- we simply list the (3) versions chronologically, and let you, the readers create your own analysis via comments.


Here they are!

Fie My Fum (~1948)

By Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg

Pull my daisy,
Tip my cup,
Cut my thoughts
For coconuts,

Start my arden
Gate my shades,
Silk my garden
Rose my days,

Say my oops,
Ope my shell,
Roll my bones,
Ring my bell,

Pope my parts,
Pop my pot,
Poke my pap,
Pit my plum.

Pull My Daisy (~1950)

By Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady

Pull my daisy
tip my cup
all my doors are open
Cut my thoughts
for coconuts
all my eggs are broken
Jack my Arden
gate my shades
woe my road is spoken
Silk my garden
rose my days
now my prayers awaken

Bone my shadow
dove my dream
start my halo bleeding
Milk my mind &
make me cream
drink me when you're ready
Hop my heart on
harp my height
seraphs hold me steady
Hip my angel
hype my light
lay it on the needy

Heal the raindrop
sow the eye
bustmy dust again
Woe the worm
work the wise
dig my spade the same
Stop the hoax
what's the hex
where's the wake
how's the hicks
take my golden beam

Rob my locker
lick my rocks
leap my cock in school
Rack my lacks
lark my looks
jump right up my hole
Whore my door
beat my boor
eat my snake of fool
Craze my hair
bare my poor
asshole shorn of wool

say my oops
ope my shell
Bite my naked nut
Roll my bones
ring my bell
call my worm to sup
Pope my parts
Pop my pot
raise my daisy up
Poke my pap
pit my plum
let my gap be shut


by Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady

Pull my daisy
Tip my cup
Cut my thoughts
for coconuts

Jack my Arden
Gate my shades
Silk my garden
Rose my days

Bone my shadow
Dove my dream
Milk my mind &
Make me cream

Hop my heart on
Harp my height
Hip my angel
Hype my light

Heal the raindrop
Sow the eye
Woe the worm
Work the wise

Stop the hoax
Where's the wake
What's the box
How's the Hicks

Rob my locker
Lick my rocks
Rack my lacks
Lark my looks

Whore my door
Beat my beer
Craze my hair
Bare my poor

Say my oops
Ope my shell
Roll my bones
Ring my bell

Pope my parts
Pop my pet
Poke my pap
Pit my plum


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