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POEM OF THE DAY, "God" by Jack Kerouac


By Jack Kerouac

In his jests serious, in his murders victim,
   or which, is God?  Who began
   before non-existence"s dependence
   on existence,  Who came before
   the chicken and the egg

Who started out
                            enormous Light 
   The dark brillianceof the Mystery
   For all good hearts to shroud inside
   and keep their understanding sympathy
   intact as Beethovens courageous
                           slow sigh.

In his atrocities victim?
  In his jests damned?
  In his damnation damnation?
Or is God just the golden hover
   light manifesting Mayakaya
   the illusion of the moon, branches
    across the face of the moon?

O perturbing swttlontaggek
    montiana godio
   Thou high suffermaker!
 Tell me now, in Your Poem!


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