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eNOTHING's #Howladay

With the recent release of HOWL - a movie about the famous controversial Allen Ginsberg poem/book, "HOWL and Other Poems", eNOTHING has decided to embark on a Twitter journey.  Every day at least one line from the poem "HOWL" will be tweeted under the hashtag #Howladay - so far we are about 10% through the poem.

If you're interested in seeing the poem and the progress so far, just search #Howladay, and remember the tweets are chronological, so you need to start from the bottom up!

I was fortunate enough to attend a screening of HOWL the Movie last night at Yale University and have to admit that I found the movie intellectually stimulating and quite inspiring.  In fact, so much so that next week our POEM OF THE DAY series will feature Ginsberg and even Jack Kerouac poetry (yes). 

Briefly here:

The movie is constructed of (at least) 3 simultaneous story lines as follows:

  • Recitation of the POEM by Ginsberg (excellent artsy graphics and imagery here)
  • Trial Proceedings (oh the ignorance of the non-poet or true anti-poet)
  • Interview with/by Ginsberg
I have to admit, I found the movie worth the admission price...providing you are open to learning and being inspired by the story line, and the infamous poem.

So, follow @eNOTHING on twitter, find a recent #Howladay tweet, and click on the tag for the "whole picture".

--TH -- If you don't own it, buy HOWL now, right here:

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