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Poem -- "Poem for a Beauty Dead Man" by Thomas Herr

Poem for a Beauty Dead Man

This is for the Beauty Dead Man
Down the Avenue;

You can tell he’s dead
He’s wearing beauty shoes.

You can tell he’s dead--
By the way
He steps around the beggars;

You can tell he’s dead
His seats are made of beauty leather.

This is for the Dead Man
Funds instead of life;

No-one rents his head
His beauty children nor his beauty wife.

Here’s a poem for you Dead Man;
You know who you are
I cast the poem out to you
I don’t need to cast too far…

Beauty Dead Man you should make me laugh
But ugly Dead Man beauty makes me cry.


1 comment:

  1. Oh, the message here is so poignant and right on the money, describing a man whose mind is so focused on his monies and trade that the beauty in his life is dead to him. Therefore, he becomes a dead man because he lives for material things, status, and other superficial and fleeting matters. You do a wonderful job of delivering a scathing message while expressing empathy and pity for his lifeless condition, even seeing the beauty in him. A beauty that would be lost to him if he read this poem. I meet dead men everyday! Thank you so much for sharing!