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POEM -- "Bonnie and Clyde" by Thomas Herr

Bonnie and Clyde

By Thomas Herr

Do you remember me?
It’s only months since we met,
Our souls are drawn so close, so tight;
But, we haven’t figured that out quite yet.

I feel I’ve known you forever it seems,
Whether it’s in my mind, or in my heart;
Or in a movie scene I’d long forgotten, coming back to me.

I feel we belonged but somehow lost,
As if in past life, we loved so strong
And for that we paid a terrible cost.

And that our souls
Have come home
And are beginning to embrace again
To find what we had lost.

Do you remember me?
I’ve pressed my heart against yours,
And felt the beat and felt the warmth
Of my own soul;
From eons and eons and epochs ago.


I was an Arabian king
And you were my queen
And you were my jewel


I was the President
And you were the wife unseen
And you helped me rule


I was a Western Lawman
And you were the love of my life
And you were my badge


I was a Roman Warrior
And you were my princess, my wife
Yes, you were my sword


I was a Prairie Settler
And you were always by my side
You kept me warm


You have been Bonnie
And I was your Clyde…
And we weren’t together when we died.


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