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POEM OF THE DAY -- "Screech Owl" by Ted Kooser

Here is the final POEM OF THE DAY post featuring this weeks poet, Poet Lauriate Ted Kooser.  "Screech Owl" is another of Mr. Koosers more famous poems, and is so typical of his accessibility and simple spiritual charm.  Most of Mr. Koosers poems are (1) simple brief stanza, and "Screech Owl" is no exception.

Share your thoughts on this one - can you see the owl?  Can you hear it?  Enjoy.

As with all of our featured Poets, we try to promote their more popular published works.  See the link below this and other Kooser Poem of the Day entries to order our recommended books from this author.

Screech Owl

by Ted Kooser

All night each reedy whinny
from a bird no bigger than a heart
flies out of a tall black pine
and, in a breath, is taken away
by the stars. Yet, with small hope
from the center of darkness
it calls out again and again.


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