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eNOTHING has a mission: To bring poetry, arts and music to the streets via a growing artistic Twitter community.

Followers Pick -- Pick our POEM OF THE DAY artist this week...

We love to bring you classic modern poems from contemporary and classic published poets...and we're really glad that you enjoy them.  It takes a lot of thought to carefully pick the poet, and then carefully pick 5 classic or "worthy" poems to publish daily on the blog, then broadcast the "POEM OF THE DAY" on Twitter - frequently enough to be noticed by our regulars as they go about their day.  The responses are fun to read, enlightening and really - very rewarding.

We'd like you all to pick our Poet of the week this week - this will be the featured poet for POEM OF THE DAY broadcasts...

So send in your "suggestions" via Twitter and/or the eNothing blog, and the poet with the most "suggestions" is the one which will be featured.  We will tabulate the results on Sunday night for Monday broadcast.


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