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POEM -- "Shoebox" by Thomas Herr


By Thomas Herr

She took a photography class
25 years ago
She took a photography class
In another life

We have a camera now
It just came in
It’s complicated
But full of promise

We’ll take pictures
And we’ll store them in a shoebox
Even the ones of our children
Saving moments of emotion for posterity

And we’ll file them neatly
Picture by picture
File by file
In a shoebox just to have them

Shoebox after shoebox,
Filled with special moments
The stories behind them fade away
And you can no longer hear the sounds behind them.

And there they are

In the dark closet
Where they will sit for just a little longer
Than our lives
Shoebox, all things must pass.


  1. Filling the shoebox, that's life, and it's fun.

  2. Neat-o. I like! stellablue312

  3. Thanks everyone. I didn't finish the process...not happy with it...it's pretty much the way it came out...