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POEM -- New Age -- by Thomas Herr

New Age 

by Thomas Herr

This is the New Age of snipers
Hiding on blazing tin rooftops of mud buildings;
Waves of dusty shadows from the hot desert sun.

This is the New Age of fathers
Sniping after snipers with ice in their veins;
Red dots on the foreheads of the chosen ones.

At home mowing lawns
Raking leaves
Cleaning gutters
Painting trim
Baseball practice
Ballet recitals

This is the New Age of victims
Soldiers of God bent to kill;
We lie in the hot shadows together in fear.

This is the New Age of war
Lying in the dark, seeing in the dark
Vicious heart, beating hate, nothing here.

This is the New Age of snipers
Spotting a threat-a thread of evil
Quickly flipping the switch - ice in the blood.

Eye to Scope
Red dot on the target
Skill of balance and skill of smooth
Skill of falling deep in the groove
With smoothness and grace
The trigger is pulled


He made his mark.

Puff of smoke on one end and blood splatter on the other.

Two souls lost.

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