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POEM OF THE DAY "Pull My Daisy III" by Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady

Here is the 3rd of the 3 published poems from the "Pull My Daisy" series - which was a joint focus by the 3 Beat Generation leaders (Ginsberg, Kerouac, Cassady) to produce a product which included input from each contributor.  This particular (final) version seems to date back to 1958.  Note the differences between the 3 versions...beginning with "Fie my Fum" several blogposts ago, moving to "Pull my Daisy II", to this version.

Fie my Fum begins as a simple 4 stanza lyrical delight (it was called a "song") - mostly the work of the young Kerouac in 1949 and 1950 - but a delight that appears to be mostly the creative work of Kerouac.

Pull My Daisy II includes more Ginsberg as well as the influence of Kerouacs wild "On the Road" partner, the infamous Neal Cassady.  Note that the piece moves back to poetic rather than lyrical form - I can just imagine Kerouac scribing while his wild friends Ginsberg and Cassady dictate their insertions, notably the following verses, inserted line by line into the middle of the original song stanzas (plus more stanzas from Kerouac and Cassady to accommodate the process) from Fie my Fum:

all my doors are open
all my eggs are broken
woe my road is spoken
now my prayers awaken

start my halo bleeding
drink me when you're ready
seraphs hold me steady
lay it on the needy

bust my dust again
dig my spade the same
take my golden beam

leap my cock in school
jump right up my hole
eat my snake of fool
asshole shorn of wool

Bite my naked nut
call my worm to sup
raise my daisy up
let my gap be shut

It appears that these verses are largely the work of Allen Ginsberg, and they must have had a drunken giggle as they imagined the disruption and usual outrage these verses would cause. 

The final version below largely removes these verses and returns to the fun-to-read (and speak) lyrical song-style that was started with Fie my Fum back in 1950.  Enjoy!

P.S. - If you find these posts interesting, and Jack Kerouacs writing inspiring and stimulating, you need to add the books below to your collection.  This poem is included in "Scattered Poems" and our Twitter Haiku daily tweet series #Jackaday features Haikus from "Book of Haikus".  Of course, NOBODY should be without the classic inspirational novel "On the Road" - which played a critical part in forming the "Beat Generation" as well as the larger "Hippy Movement" of the 1960's - the theme of "kicks" and "freedom".


by Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady

Pull my daisy
Tip my cup
Cut my thoughts
for coconuts

Jack my Arden
Gate my shades
Silk my garden
Rose my days

Bone my shadow
Dove my dream
Milk my mind &
Make me cream

Hop my heart on
Harp my height
Hip my angel
Hype my light

Heal the raindrop
Sow the eye
Woe the worm
Work the wise

Stop the hoax
Where's the wake
What's the box
How's the Hicks

Rob my locker
Lick my rocks
Rack my lacks
Lark my looks

Whore my door
Beat my beer
Craze my hair
Bare my poor

Say my oops
Ope my shell
Roll my bones
Ring my bell

Pope my parts
Pop my pet
Poke my pap
Pit my plum



  1. Awesome! have to get scattered poems now :-D

  2. Yes, be sure to get the City Lights Pocket Series one (that's the one I have and was able to put it up on the Amazon site).